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Parents who send their children to St. Paul's Lutheran School don't merely count the cost of the education -- they consider the value.  Jesus says, as recorded in Mark 8:36, "For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?" The members of our congregation support the school graciously and generously because they believe in the work of the Gospel. This in turn defrays a great deal of the cost to families who enroll their children in our school. The children of member families attend the school without paying tuition because they support the work of the church with their offerings.

Non-member family TUITION FEES TOTAL  
Half-day Pre-Kindergarten $2000 $225 $2225  
1 child $4000 $425 $4425  
2 children $7000 $850 $7850  
3+ children $10000 $1275 $11275  

 The school fees go towards covering the cost of school supplies, textbooks, teaching resources, and administrative costs. The tuition goes towards building maintenance and staff support. Besides these costs,all students need to purchase the school uniform either from School Belles or from our resale supplies. Students in grades 5-6 need to purchase a gym uniform. Optional fees for the year include milk fee, sports fee, and chess club dues.  Further details can be answered in person by our school staff.

The FEES are due in August at the time of registration before school starts. The TUITION may be paid proportionately over a 10-month from September to May.

The school does not have a scholarship program per se, but if parents can demonstrate financial need on the basis of family income, that can be taken into consideration.

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